Want to take a look at some of the poster and flyer designs I’ve done for Princeton Student Events Committee as Marketing Chair/Graphic Designer? Here are some of my designs, from when I first started as a sophomore to when I gracefully exit at the end of senior year. I try to use original graphics in the poster, but I’ll sometimes use great ones by others. I’ve also significantly changed my style as I realize that cleaner graphics make for better posters. I’ll try to upload some more as I make them.

==2017-2018 Senior Year==

PSEC Fall 2017 Events Calendar

PSEC Recruitment Flyer

Three Floors of Fun (9/14)

==2015-2016 Sophomore Year==

Three Floors of Fun (9/17)

Three Floors of Fun

General Interest Form

PSEC Flyer

==Lots of files on my old computer==

Welcome Back Party (2/4)

Welcome Back Poster

Super Bowl Party (2/7)

Super BOWL Party

Valentine’s Day (2/11)


Painting Party (2/25)

Painting Party

Calming Craft Night (3/4)

Calming Craft Night

Midterms Week Celebration (3/7-3/9)

Midterms Week Poster Final Updated

Trivia Night (4/7)

Trivia Night

Umbrella Design (4/13)

Umbrella Design

SpringFest (4/22)


Sasheer Zamata Aftershow Social (4/29)

After Show Social

Wafels and Dinges (5/9) Special shoutout to Pew, a former PSEC designer!